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Mobile Service

At Tony’s Locksmith, we understand that you can’t always bring your work to us, which is why we can bring our shop to you. Tony's Locksmith saves you time by performing most services quickly and on-site. With our fully-stocked trucks, our locksmiths can replace broken or lost keys within minutes and can change access codes on security systems. We can rekey your existing locks, which saves you the money that would be needed to replace the hardware. If necessary, we can even replace your locks.

If you have a problem with your vehicle, we can meet you at any location in South Orange County to help you. We bring a fully-stocked truck to every job, allowing us to fix the problem wherever it occurred, including removing broken keys from your vehicle, repairing keys and making replacement keys.

Tony's Locksmith is just a phone call away, from Irvine through San Clemente. Whether you need to schedule a standard job or you have an emergency, response time and reliability are invaluable, and Tony's Locksmith is committed to exceeding all your expectations. Call today and let us bring our expertise to you.

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